Eau de Toilette – Infinity Journey

I’ve mentioned before that I always wanted to do fragrances but never knew how and today I’ve come closer to achieving it.

It’s intimidating with a handful of competition and highly concentrated venue starting out but I keep going knowing I’m remaining true to myself and brand. I’ve achieved aromatherapy with a full line of Signature Blends from scratch and solely original in not mimicking the big dogs. Now the time has come to embark on the Eau de Toilette venture and it’s starting out amazing.

Starting this venture is easier with an established line of fragrances to convert so the only thing left is making it happen. My first run was with Sensation, an aroma I’ve not released yet but love the scent. I put the formula to work that been rattling in my head for a decade and came up with this:

I took it out for review and the feedback was overall positive with everyone calling out the same note: cinnamon but it’s actually pink peppercorn. It’s been agreed upon to be unisex which is a plus being my first and not limited to one side of the market. I then began to consider presentation that will go along with asking price and so forth. I will went with some thought and came to this:

I love it foremost but in my head so much more is required and I’m working on it. But to sit back and recollect what has happened is mind blowing knowing how long I wanted to achieve this. After this small victory I decided to go forward in converting a fragrance that’s been a staple oil blend and for the men it’s going to be the 44. The blend for women (unisex) will be Solei. I personally love Solei over most blends and stand confident it will do just as well as an eau de toilette. Frightful or now, this is where I’m at with signature blends, hand sanitizer and eau de toilette. The Journey has so much more ahead and I thank you for joining.


Creative Streaks – Infinity ♾ Journey

The Process is one drop at a time followed by a tweaking addition of a drop at a time. I keep trying to bring the fragrance I sense from the scents at hand. Think like an equalizer with the knobs to alter the sound is what the process is for me.

The selection of oils is growing and I’m always aiming to making a scent that makes the people take more than one whiff and when that happens It lets me know I’m close if not right on the money. A scent of rose with sandalwood could be mixed with a pinch of pink peppercorn and met with sweet orange (just an example) and the end is a beginning of a new journey. The amazing thing is that the blends work different for everyone. So it’s a personal journey and I create the vehicle with a drop. It’s a fun job and I love it. My muses play a big part and the process all around is rewarding and challenging to be unique and different from the last. Enjoy the Journey. More creations coming. Check out Store


Motivation to Pursue

I decided to do some inventory on my bottles to see where I’ll be at after sales.

Throughout the last month I was waiting for the government to release the stimulus check and after adding up my bottles I realized that I had my stimulus check the whole time (the bottles). The motivation to sale as many as possible is the goal with a variety for the consumer to choose from is a plus for me. Getting to the sum of a stimulus is where it gets fun. I’m going to work hard because half the battle is done the rest is in letting make cents…dollars.

I have been so focused on creation I haven’t came to a name for at least 3 of my latest recipes. This is where my determination kicks in to sale and push this brand forward. The names will come in time but for now I got enough to sell and do alright a bit.

My motivation has been coming from my many facets of muses of inspiration but now it’s time to sale sale sale!!! Word of mouth and engagements towards sale closings are my goals to reach and I believe I will do it. Enjoy the Journey The Store is Up


Valley Haven – Signature Blend

The journey with this aroma starts out with a subtle welcome of bergamot introducing your senes to cypress, myrrh and pine. The overall scent is subtle and crisp refined with notes of gland ylang.

This is actually an unisex scent so everyone is invited to take the ride. I created this when the arrival of my other ingridients finally came. It’s a staple fragrance and will be around for awhile.


Getting and Remaining Organized – Infinity ♾ Journey

I put my new case to good use. I now can use more room in my backpack for setting up when I sell out in the field. Creating blends are much easier as well as keeping track of the category and inventory of my oils. For example, I have all my woody’s in one area, florals and fruits in another with room for the new arrivals later this week. I’m preparing to introduce what will be part of the collection per Signature Blend which is….

You guessed right, hand sanitizer. The market is ripe for it and I believe the harvest of consumers will be around for a while. The importance of remaining organized is to keep everything running smoothly and its a must when you are an entrepreneur, self starter, etc. It feels good when I’m out and a question can be converted to a sell with everything I need to do so is in one spot.

Organization is required when keeping up with signature blends, recipes, failed blends and unlabeled blends. It’s very easy for me to forget or get nose blind a bit dealing with bunches at one. I love what I do but it has to be in order for me to keep it lovable I think. Enjoy the Journey!!!


Upcoming Blends I – Infinity ♾Essential

I have been trying to make blends that stand out uniquely as Signature lines of fragrances that embodies everlasting health in a way. The Process is beyond me but to explain it I will try.

For example, there’s an aroma I have in mind I want to make that I want to call “Holy Water” that will have as you’ve thought frankincense, myrrh, hyssop as well as some other ingredients. Why haven’t I made it? I’m still waiting on the other ingredients to arrive. The name, Ingredients and how it will be branded are already to go I just wait to work the recipe into manifestation. I go overboard and think of how I will see it on the big screen and draft up designs for it and sooner than later the Signature Blend is ready to go. Take “No More Goodbyes” for example.

I truly enjoy what I do and there’s more coming I just have to wait for my latest shipment of more ingredients to make the magic happen. All from a place a love to the universe.

El Victor – Signature Blend

I haven’t updated the blog with new blends for some time but after what I been through with this particular one I had to share. This is one of three blends that is going to be available as eau de toilette (Mary’s Keep, El Victor and Unconditional).

I was coming close to ravaging my ingredients thinking I couldn’t make a new scent different from the others I made before. Throughout the day waking from a horrific vision I went tossing away 3-5 blends seeing that they weren’t on target.

I wiped the shot glasses clean and somehow came upon a scent that I began to work like a music equalizer or beat machine. The notes were in place and overall I liked it but knew it was something that needs to come out. The process of adding one drop at a time like kicks, hi hats and snares to a beat I began to get a rhythm like I’ve never done before. I usually went by nose on my blends before and this go around I needed a new routine. The beat came along as I brought together citrus, woods and florals in variances. To shorten the blog I spent several hours tweaking these notes until I arrived at El Victor.

Here’s a glimpse of what this blends entails and whose its for: El Victor ”The Victor” has been reviewed and praised as good to go. There’s top notes of blood orange and cinnamon leaf bridged by clary sage into fresh ginger with base notes of frankincense and may Chang. That’s not all the ingredients but gives a summary for an idea of where the fragrance goes. Either way it leads to victory and is for every man that proclaims a victorious lifestyle suited for any season. Wave away your obstacles, trip ups and trials and know you are El Victor.

Laurel Dior – Signature Blend

As if the blends for women needed another addition but I can’t stop. I wanted to go with something that caters to women that like a little spice like themselves with notes of there sweet side.

I have this a number before a name due to the blend setting on my mind before going further with naming it. This blend has notes of petit grain, rose and white musk to name a few that I feel exemplifies that spicy sweet persona mentioned before. This is an aroma for the true grown and sassy (spicy) woman. It will be updated and made available in the online store shortly. An update via blog will notify the availability. Til then, enjoy the Journey and thanks for the ride.

Web Store Changes

I waited to put my product online for some time now (I never wanted to do it in the first place) and its time to get with the times. The signature blends are now available to order. I was thinking to myself (to ease the anxiety) to imagine a physical store experience I want my customers to have and how to make it happen virtually. I’m going to be working on the store and the site to make sure the customers have a good time and feel secure doing business with me. I just hope it comes together and is received as a harmless online store owned and operated by a civilian.

I’m aiming for an experience of relaxation and ease of navigation for the consumers to find what they want, order and receive what I have to offer. The process of designing and running this online store is going to take hard work and I’m equipped to do so. I take the philosophy of the seed and the harvest designing this site and hopefully the consumers have a great experience shopping with me. Enjoy the Journey and thank you for being a part of its growth and expansion.

W.O.E from Kwali – Infinity ♾ Journey

Hey you, yeah you scrolling with a pouty face. Pull back your finger and turn up a smile champ. You got this like you really got this. Indulge yourself with what you love to do today and wear a shiny bright one if you will.

Look at negative things as a group of bad vibes and shun away from them. You got this. Focus on those bright positive qualities if you will. But again, who am I? I just eat eucalyptus all day but I am calm for the majority of the day or sleepy. Back to my same routine with these leaves and you try what I shared with you. This is a word of encouragement from Kwali.

Oil Day – Infinity ♾ Journey

This day is the day of engagement and building customer and partners relationships. I play my OIL Day playlist and set up my oils and let the day unfold.

This is when I learn the effect of marketing and the demographics of who my products appeal to. Enjoy the Journey.

Harvey – Signature Blend

First thought is who the aroma refers to

It’s not Steve Harvey though I respect all he’s achieved in his time. So could it be….

Surprise, no. I just smelled the aroma and let it work while the name Harvey came to mind. If I had to choose it would be Harvey Dent due to the notes of spices and fruit like petit grain, passion fruit with other notes of coffee, cedar wood etc.

So if you have to associate this aroma with either one it will be Dent after you experience the race of this aroma from spices to wood and fruit then bringing you to a clearer reality. Every aroma has its own course. You do know the oils comes together more overtime. The scent that wins you over let’s you know the ride will be good. Enjoy the Journey!!!

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